Trade instead of Aid.

Promoting trade is the best way for developing rural economy and enable a sustainable increase in economic welfare of local tribal volk.

Success of ‘trade not aid’ in south east Asia including China have been able to dramatically increase economic welfare through increasing trade from villagers or tribes. These countries have lifted record numbers of people out of absolute poverty within two decades of economic growth – largely driven by growth in rural trade by providing modern techniques or machinery for their traditional skills. Developing rural economy has also stopped migration to big cities in these countries....

Rural development means development of rural areas in such a way that social, economic and technological components of rural life change in a desired direction and within framework of national goals and objectives without prejudice to the development of the urban area of the country. With our plan to bring business to villages, we ensure to bring reverse migration, skill development and re-skilling programme for the rural volk.

Adivasi Kalyan Samiti proposes to make a Brand for home furnishing items for the international market, where villagers with some technology upliftment of their ancestral skill can make world class products.

We propose to bring international trainers to our villages to teach them what World needs. International Pottery & clay designers, bamboo artists, handloom experts will join our team to bring international know-how.

Stay tunes for MRYDA… coming soon

No one has ever become Poor by Giving

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